How Clothing is Bringing Sexy Back

It seems that all over the world, clothing is staring to bring the sexy back. Though it is not just one clothing line or brand that is doing that. There are many different lines of clothing doing that. As well as a few famous people who decided to create clothing. Over in London, Vintage clothing is bring the sexy back, with many different type of style from Paper Dress Vintage, the Peekaboo Vintage, the Pop Vintage, Blitz, Absolute Vintage, and Beyond Retro. London has normally been the cusps of the new trends, so it is very possible that the vintage fashion is bringing the sexy back in clothing. London is not the only one who is bring the sexy back in clothing, back in September of 2016, Justin Timberlake brought the sexy back in clothing. He was said to bring the sexy back in clothing by selling Americana-Style Jeans. He is bringing his version of the old school American Sexy back. It is said that his clothing brand is a but more mature and refined. But at the same time it is comfortable and casual as well. His collection includes, embroidered bomber jackets, denim jackets, slim chino pants, low-top sneakers, mirrored sunglasses and more. Could this be what is bring the sexy back in clothing? It might just be one little piece in a much bigger picture. However, is the clothing industry really trying to get us to show more of our bodies to the world, or are they just trying to sell us more? It could be both. There are clothes that are tight enough to show that a person is a women, but still loose enough to show that the woman is a lady. But in the fashion industry, a women’s dress should be like barbed wire fence, but at the same time it should also serve a purpose without obstructing the view of the person. But is it really the clothing that is bringing the sexy back, or is it the person who is wearing the clothing? Clothing is just clothing until someone wears it. It means nothing until someone puts it on. Just in a few months the style of people’s clothing changes, people can go from wearing a lot of sexy dresses or tight clothing to laid backed loose clothing. There are many people who do not wear their type of clothing for comfort, they wear it because it looks classy, it makes them look sexy, it makes them love their body even more. So is it really the clothing that is bring the sexy back, or is it the person who wears the clothing? A few clothing brands like American Apparel is also bring the sexy back, and making it the center of attention. By selling more clothing at lower prices as well as adding more to the shelves, they hope to bring the sexy back. However, it sees that their clothing is to appeal to the younger generation. With clothing from crop tops, t-shirts, necklines and looser fitting clothes, many had wondered if American Apparel was trying to create sexualization in their clothing brand. Justin Timberlake is not the only who seems to be trying to bring the sexy back into clothing. Tom Ford who also seems to be getting back into women’s clothing might just be trying to bring the sexy back to clothing as well. Not only did he work with women’s clothing he also worked with men clothing as well. He infused his clothing , eye wear, and fragrances with a sexy swagger, which soon became his signature. He made it so that his clothing line made the wearer look more stunning, and more radiant.
Is clothing really the thing that is bring the sexy back, or is it the person who is wearing the clothing? Could it be both? Many clothing lines create their clothing so that the person who wears it, will wear it over and over again. It could be that the person who is wearing the clothing item is changing the way it is worn. There are many different ways the clothing could become more sexy. By adding accessories with the clothing, by changing how it should be worn, to maybe even cutting it and fixing it. The sexy is coming back in clothing everywhere and the reason for it, is the person who wears it and the clothing line that sells it. Anyone who buys any type of clothing can look sexy in it, it just all depends on how you wear it.

The Evolution of Clothing

Clothing is a way for each individual to express their style in their own way. Today, clothing has came a long way and it even has a slight touch of modern technology available along with it. There are different types of clothing as well as different fashion statements a person can make. In this generation, clothing is the first thing we see on someone and it’s also what we use to read people by. The evolution of clothing has came a long way and ranged from thousands of places from all over the world. 

Dating back to prehistoric times, there has been a substantial amount of evidence proving that people started to wear clothes more than 50,000 years ago. During those times, little were available so many people made clothing from the skin and fur of animals. This method of clothing were usually loosely wrapped around the person’s waist and breast area for women. Soon afterwards, weaving sticks were created and people were able to weave together clothing. People also discovered flax fibers found in caves and needles around 15,000 B.C. However, actual textiles and sewn cloths were made until about 6500 B.C. Sewing and textiles grew over the years as more people created and learned about them. Throughout the Middle Ages, two types of looms were created; which were the wrapped-weighted loom and the two-beam loom. These looms made its way across the world providing people with linens. Before looms were created, people used spinning techniques such as hand-to-hand spinning, thigh rolling, and drop spindles. Other fibers were used to create clothes such as:

  • bast fibers
  • reed fibers
  • palm fibers
  • papyrus fibers
  • Hemp fibers

Wool from sheep was also a popular method for creating clothing, blankets, jackets, and hats. Over time, the spinning loom became apparent in Ancient Thailand and weaving was the most popular in Japan. The weaving method was also used to make other items such as creating mats, baskets, underwear, and even shoes. In Ancient China, people used silk from the silkworm to make clothes only worn by royalty. All over the world, people used similar techniques and had similar clothing throughout the Middle Ages and medieval times.
Throughout the 14th and 15th century, wool continued to be the most popular fabric type. As silk weaving increased throughout the 15th century, there was a dramatic increase in silk clothing throughout all of Europe. During this time period, people’s clothing were very bold, bright and thick. The fabrics were dyed different colors based on your ‘status’ such as bright reds, greens, blues, or golds. During the 18th century, full dresses were worn as an “everyday outfit”. Men also continued to wear full trench coats, breeches, and full suits. Women would also wear long dresses or gowns covering their entire body with rich embroideries or designs.

As we made our way to the 20th century, textile factories were built and thousands of workers would produce clothing and other linens to consumers. Sewing machines had also been developed by his time period which also helped in the full production of clothes. Typical clothes for women looked like long colonial dresses, bonnets, shawls, gloves, and accessorized with jewelry like beautiful bangles or earrings. Men clothing typically looked like long tailcoats, trousers, velvet collars, and jockey boots, which were also accessorized with jewelry like watches and rings.
As the years continued to pass by, women and men started wearing less and showing a little more skin. Hairstyles also started to change and women were allowed to wear their hair down. Women also began to wear more undergarments as they were made available such as stockings, lace, corsets, garters, ruffles, chemise, and petticoats. Many of these garments were made with cotton and silk fabric. In this time period, women and men would always accessorize with either gloves, belts, chains, pocket watches’, large hats and lots of jewelry.

Since time has passed, clothing has evolved greatly. Today, women and men dress however they please. There are countless types of fabric and companies that produce clothing since mills aren’t needed anymore. In this generation, there has also been a break through in modern technology were many products are made with flexible and breathable fabrics allowing your clothes to fit properly, keep you cool throughout the day, and not weight you down. There are so many different types of clothing you can wear now such as:

  • Athletic wear
  • Denim
  • Leather
  • Fur
  • Silk
  • Lingerie
  • Crops
  • Sweat suits
  • Pullovers

and so much more!


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